Grade 3 Provincial Assessments. May 30th
May 23rd, grade 4 Learn 2 Fish!
May 14th/19 Annapolis Valley Honor Choir
Grade 4/5 at Symphony N.S. Halifax. Apr. 25/19
Earth Day presentation. April 18/19
Rock Your Socks! Celebrating World Down Syndrome Day! April 5th/19
Officer Corey Bushell talking to students about Internet Safety. Mar. 15/19
West Hants Band Concert. Mar. 14/19
Domino Man! Mar. 13/19
Domino Man! Mar. 13/19
Arts Smart Mural! Mar.12/19
Author Daphne Greer visits TMP! Feb. 27/19
Ted Upshaw visits TMP tutoring program! Feb. 27/19
After school girl's club! Feb. 25/19
Ski Martock! Feb. 19/19
Ski Martock! Gr. 3-5 Feb. 19/19
Winter fun!! Feb. 14th/19
Finally!!! Snow!!! Feb. 14th/19
Black History Month Feb./19
Drumming in Music class! Feb. 7/19
Mural painting! Feb. 4/19
A Wintery Day! Jan. 31/19
Arts Smart Grant. Jan. 31/19
Mural painting in the gym! Jan. 31/19
Grade 4/5 after school Karate. Jan. 24/19
Grade 2/3 after school karate program. Jan. 23/19
Sandbox now a skating rink! Jan. 23/19
Christmas Concert. Dec. 20/18
Grand Finale! Dec. 20/18
Christmas Concert Dec. 20/18
A Snowy Recess! Dec. 18/18
Activity Day! Dec. 18/18
Student Shopping Party! Dec. 14/18
Shopping Party Helpers.. Mrs. Dauphinee and Mrs. Hunter... thank you!
Student Shopping Party! Dec. 14/18
N.S. Snowboard Association Presentation. Dec. 14/18
Turkey dinner!!! Dec. 12/12
Turkey dinner volunteers! THANK YOU! Dec. 12/18
Preparing potatoes for Turkey dinner! Dec. 11/18
Flashlight Friday in P/1 Bishop's class. Dec. 7/18
Student Led Conference. Dec. 6/18
Frenchy's Night ! Dec. 6/18
Winter is here! Nov. 19th !!
Remembrance Day Assembly... Nov. 7/18
Search and Rescue Presentation with Mr. Chase. Nov. 7/18
P/1-1/2 Classes at Roos Playhouse in Greenwood. Nov. 1/18
Halifax Public Gardens. Nov. 1/18
Visiting the Halifax Public Gardens. Nov. 1/18
Visit to the Canada Games Center in Halifax. Nov. 1/18
Fire Safety Presentation!
Mask Making in Miss Madden's Class.
Mrs. Lewis' Class Wins Halloween Contest.
Fall Fair!!! A great success! Oct. 18/18
Library time!!!
Lego Club!
Beautiful Pre-Primary Art!
Pink hair! We raised over $400.00 for Terry Fox!!!
TMP Cross Country Run... Sept. 20/18
TMP Cross Country Run... Sept. 20/18
TMP Cross Country Run... Sept. 20/18
Future Farmers!
Future farmers trip... 4 wheeling!
Future Farmers trip!
Future Farmers Sept. 14/18
Exhibition display!
Bayswater Beach, Sept. 12/18
Bayswater Beach. Sept. 12/18
Playground fun!
Beach trip!!!
Our beautiful playground!


Host Families Are Needed

There is an exciting opportunity for West Hants Middle School students and families to experience the Chinese culture in their own home.  Students will be placed with families in the WHMS catchment area.  The students will be in grades 6 or 7 and are arriving in March and staying for 11 weeks.  They do not require their own bedroom.  All students speak English.  Host families will receive financial assistance for hosting a student.  For more information please contact; Rob Davies, Homestay Coordinator at or Dawn Lee Swinamer at or 902-790-3706.


50-50 WINNER! (Parent Support Group)

Congratulations to Kelly Kuranyi who won $237.50 in the Parent Support Group 50-50 contest!  March 13/19



Thank you to everyone who helped to make our annual Fall Fair such a success!  Our Parent Support Group raised over $1500.00 to support our students and school.  A special thank you to all of the individuals, school staff and businesses who were able to support our Fair this year!   Many thanks!!!

Please see our September Newsletter for information regarding many of school practices and policies.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.  Thanlk You!



AVRSB's New Name: Annapolis Valley Regional Centre for Education

The passage of the Education Reform Act (2018) on March 9 has resulted in some changes that came in to effect on April 1, 2018.

As of this date, the Annapolis Valley Regional School Board has been renamed the Annapolis Valley Regional Centre for Education. 

The change in names will also be reflected on our website and Twitter account, although the the website address and Twitter handle @avrsb will remain in place for now. There will be no changes to email addresses at this time.

We will keep you updated on additional changes as they occur.


Provincial Code of Conduct

Please click the following link to access the provincial code of conduct.


Notify Me!

AVRSB is now using AlertSolutions to send text/email notices about school cancellations and unplanned early dismissals to parents/guardians, using the contact information provided to the school on student registration forms. Parents/guardians can contact the school office or use the online Parent Portal to update contact information and preferences. Others who would like to receive cancellation notices from AVRSB (such as grandparents and childcare providers) can sign up for text/email announcements at




Click here



News and Announcements

Parent Support Group Meeting... June 19th at 6:30 p.m.  All are welcomed to attend!

PEANUT FREE!!! Please remember that we promote a peanut free environment. Thank you!!!

NEW!!!  Criminal record and child abuse checks are required for volunteering in classrooms and for class trips.  (forms available at the main office)  Checks are valid for 3 years.  NEW!  Every 3 years!